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Recently, I was ill for the first time in my life. I had to be admitted in a hospital. I developed abscesses on my tummy because of undiagnosed diabetes. Diabetes to me was a revelation. No symptoms and the disease was within me.

Till that time I didn’t realise the agonies a patient has to go through in the hands of unkind doctors. The iatrogenic pain was far more than the disease. I used to dread the dressing time of my wound. The butchers of this hospital, the so-called surgeons would dig their instruments into the raw wound. I would almost faint with excruciating pain. And for hours I would be shaking like a leaf afterwards.

Finally my wounds have healed. I have almost forgotten that traumatic period. Perhaps I had to suffer. But I feel one need not suffer under the hands of unprofessional doctors. Take action and save yourselves. You have the right.